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Twinkle is the world’s first entertainment drone with built-in injected LED lights into a transparent drone frame. Lightweight, durable, and nearly wind-resistant with six motors, which means it can still operate safely even with a motor failure. Twinkle will come with a specific dancing drone software that has choreographed moves programmed in to create your own show, much like the musical notes for you to compose your own drone show & create your own legacy ! A Tremendous amount of love goes into the development of a new drone. Because of that, these drone babies became our second children. Together we will create a new form of entertainment combining drones, lights, and music within the evolution of entertainment. Together we can potentially replace dangerous and environmentally harming fireworks globally by creating a much more magical, cheaper, and safer form of visual and audio extravaganza.


Phase 1 1st Dec 2017-31st Dec 2018

Phase 2 1st Jan 2019-31st Dec 2019

Phase 3 continuous improvements and upgrades of services from 1st Jan 2020 onwards

The team

The current team began working together in Oct 2016 in Colorado Springs. The concept was simple: to create a spectacular visual extravaganza utilizing custom built drones performing choreographed moves combined with lights and music. We started as a self-funded project building custom drones utilizing a ground control system, with only a dozen drones.

As a company, we incorporated in September 2017 as Drone Dance Show International Business Company (IBC) in the Country of Belize.

After successfully building our prototype dancing drones, we are now further developing the design by 3D printing visually appealing, transparent drone frames with built in LED lights since May 2017.

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