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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest early on this ICO.

Only 0.1 Ether to buy in, then score with bonuses as once the Presale is over, so is the chance of getting bonus tokens..
Visit : for more information, Time is running out…


Send ETHER to this Ether Address to buy tokens: 0xBF9aac1477a0E4a306a97dd5fbf204B3aE692B34

Minimum Buy-in for PreSale : 0.1 Ether
Presale Token Price : 0.001 Ether (after Buy-in price is met)
Timeline of bonus buys during presale:
Day 1 : token(s) purchased + 30% more
Day 2:: token(s) purchased + 25% more
Day 3:: token(s) purchased + 20% more
Day 4:: token(s) purchased + 15% more
Day 5:: token(s) purchased + 10% more
Day 6:: token(s) purchased + 5% more

ICO Token Price : To Be Determined

Max Cap : Unlimited – until last 7 days of ICO

*It is important to note, upon success of this ICO, Drone Show Coins may be traded on the exchanges, Dec 2017, to further vested interests in the Drone Dance Show, IBC future drone entertainment endeavors. DroneShowCoin [DSC]

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