Charles LeMaster / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ever met a musician with a Computer Science & Nuclear Physics background?

Passionate about all things tech, drones, artificial intelligence & laser lighting effects. I think in 1 and 0’s!

Always been involved in production within entertainment & transportation logistics industry.

As a person , a super persistent Problem Solver, “failure” is not in my vocabulary.

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Csilla Brimer / Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

I’d say I was your average 32-year-old, but how many drone crazy, skydiving, business-savvy girls do you know from Transylvania? Not many, I reckon….Love drones & love business. Drone Dance Show allows me to practice both my passions.  Background in running my International Higher Education Recruitment firm. My special talent is finding & attracting amazing people. I mean you’re reading this too!

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Ron G Knox / Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Die hard Nebraskan who loves flying drones, with extensive background in electronics, IT network & running an Aerial UAV Services company providing quality Aerial Videography, Photography and Thermal Inspection with the mission to WOW his customers.

An engaging public speaker who says he is not a public speaker.

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Sebastian Pusta /Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Seb is a die – hard software & hardware developer with +20 years experience. He is our Chief Technology Officer who basically translates our fantasies into an actual user friendly software.

His passion has always been technology and computer science – and he enjoys pioneering the drone software development industry.

Seb is a mega soccer fan and loves to kick the ball during his spare time.

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